2 Things I Do to Digitally Minimize (And How You Can Easily Do the Same)

4 min readJul 31, 2022

Stop letting the temptations get you.

Photo by Anastasiia Shevchenko

Do you lay in bed in the evenings, eyes aching, head throbbing, wondering what’s wrong with you?

Well, too much screen time might be part of the problem.

I’m not much of a minimalist in other areas of my life, but I may come off as a bit extreme when it comes to social media consumption. I rarely go on Facebook or Instagram, and I gave up on Twitter months ago. I’ve never enjoyed social media. It’s always felt like such a time waster.

I’m focused on ensuring some peace in my life from technology. It’s hard when almost everything you do is linked to a computer or phone, but there are ways to at least lessen the digitality of modern life.

Here’s how I’ve done it so far.

Banning work-related apps from my phone

My phone is clear of anything work-related. I’m pretty strict about this. I only download my work apps (Outlook, Teams, etc) on my phone if my WI-FI has broken down and I need to let my team know.

Other than that, which is already an infrequent occurrence, everything work-related is on my laptop. If I’m working, I’m available to answer messages. If I’m not working, colleagues can send me their messages, but I won’t see them until I’m online again!

Friends complain to me about their bosses bothering them on the weekend. I always respond with this question: “Did you speak up after the first time it happened and told them to please not contact you on your off-days?”

So far, the answer has always been “no.”

It’s up to you to set boundaries. It’s up to you to say “no.” It’s up to you to be offline when you’re supposed to be and not be tempted to answer last-minute emails or inquiries.

We have so much power over our digital lives, but we forget it. Our devices shouldn’t control us.

Take the initiative. Make it harder to get to those addictive apps. Replace the scrolling habit with a positive habit, like reading or journaling. Delete the apps that keep you up at night.

Turning all notifications off


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